New Year’s Resolutions: UPDATE

Happy Valentine’s day…. blah blah blah…

It has been more or less a month since I posted my new year’s resolutions and I think it’s time for an update! I’m thinking of doing monthly updates on the blog as a way to keep track of what I’ve been doing (or not been doing). There’s no point in making resolutions if you don’t intend to stick to them, right? Rather worryingly, when I had the idea for this update post, I couldn’t even remember what all of mine were! That’s a good sign…

1 month on…

1. Get a decent job/make enough money to live doing something not shit

I have a job!! Not exactly the, ahem, dream job, but it pays well and should keep me going while I keep chasing the elusive dream. Plus I get to wear a cool white coat all day long! Go me.

2. Keep up with the blog and post AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK

Failed pretty badly at this one didn’t I? I Left a four week blog gap after January 14th. Booooo. Where did the time go? I’m trying to make up for it now though. Trouble is, I am such an indecisive person I can never make up my mind what to blog about. I have a load of post ideas hanging around but they often get left unfinished because I get stuck and they don’t seem to flow as nicely as others. I don’t like blogging unless it “feels” like a really good post. I realise this makes me sound like a weirdo. This is why lists are good! There is much less of the flow nonsense to worry about. More list posts from now on (even if they are a lazy way of blogging and can be considered cheating).

3. READ AT LEAST A BOOK A WEEK and keep track!

YES! I HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT READ! I have read 13 books so far this year and am close to finishing the fourteenth! At this rate I’ll be able to hit my yearly target in early June! Having said that, a couple of the books were re-reads… does that count? I say it does!

4. Write some good stuff, hopefully a prize-winning novel

Ah…erm… Remember when I said that if I spent half as much time writing as I do reading I’d have bashed out a million novels by now? Well, as mentioned above, I have mostly been reading too much. I’ve had quite a few ideas for novels but none of these have made it past the initial brainstorming point. Sometimes I get ideas for specific characters or moments and jot them down but they rarely lead to anything exciting. My documents folder on my laptop is now full of half-started stories and jumbled ideas and is beginning to resemble something from Jasper Fforde’s Well of Lost Plots. I think I need to work a bit harder on this resolution.

5. Be more ambitious/positive/enthusiastic/confident

Ah jokes, as if this was going to happen over night! I’m still my usual grumpy self, but at least now I have a proper job and am therefore spending less time moping around in my pyjamas. I kind of miss it…

6. Get fit, eat only healthy food etc

Also failing a little on this point, but am trying out the Harcombe Diet which has come highly recommended by family and friends. We’ll see how that goes! I have also started ballet again although, alas, have only had a chance to make it to two classes so far this year, both of which have been depressingly difficult.

So generally things have been going ok… I think there’s room for improvement though! Basically all I’ve achieved so far this year is to get a job and to read too many books. Next goals: work harder on the blog, write lots more and do more exercise! I’ll be back with another update in March…