My Services

If you are looking for anyone to help you with any of the below please send an email to me at Alternatively I’m on Twitter as @emilyjoanlewis.

Proofreading and Editing

I proofread for a few friends and family members and I’m looking to build up my business doing more.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. It can’t be helped. I see mistakes all the time when reading things, and it always makes me feel a little bit disappointed, like the proper time and thought wasn’t invested into producing the work. Mistakes make people look unprofessional and sloppy, I consider it to be similar to turning up to the office with toothpaste down your front or being late for an important interview. You’re not going to be taken seriously if there are mistakes everywhere. It’s always worth getting your work checked over by a fresh pair of eyes, they will invariably see something you didn’t when you were writing.

I will proofread anything of any length written by anyone. I can correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, or I can go a little bit further and offer advice on sentence structure and style. It’s up to you how much I do, whether you want someone to check all the commas are in the right place – or if you need some advice on tricky sentences – I can do as much or as little as you like.


I’ll write pretty much anything for anyone, in any style. Got an idea of what you want to say? I’ll help you put it into words. Need an article on something done quickly? I’d be happy to put something together for you. Obviously I have a passion for books and literature, but am willing to write on all subjects. I just love a good research project, so writing about unfamiliar topics is always most welcome.


I can translate Italian into English. If you’ve got any piece of Italian writing you would like formally translated into English, I can do this for you. I have interpreted articles and book reviews for people in the past, and am looking to start doing more of it! Please note that my skills translating the other way (English – Italian) are still a work in progress, and therefore I’m unwilling to offer this until I am confident I can do an excellent job.


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